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January 29, 2013


Driving with skates “is probably not very safe”

(Thanks to Paul Meyer)


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Judi - you forgot "Guess what was probably involved".

"... charged with breach of an undertaking..."

errr... what?

More like a Canadian drivers' license. I wonder if he is Canadian? Let's see, name is "Derek Lepage," alcohol on breath, still plays hockey at age 45... How bout dem Leafs, eh Derek?

In his defense, lacing up skates can be a pain in the backside.

Could have been worse - Could have been roller skates.

ya think?

Not very safe? Well put Officer Obvious.

they'll just have to put him on ice

Better than getting charged with breach of an undertaker - on either side of the border.

His driving sucks, but you should see this guy's double axle and flying camel.

He deserves a Tonya Harding style beating

He was sentenced to two minutes in the penalty box.

There was the matter of the fender check while changing lanes.

Dear Driver (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Dear driver, here’s crucial advice
That I hope I won’t have to say twice:
It’s best not to drive
Wearing skates. You won’t thrive,
Cuz you’re skating on very thin ice.

Dear Driver (Limerick)

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