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December 26, 2012


Giant Moonpie To Fall New Year's Eve In Mobile To The Sounds Of The Commodores

More things to be dropped New Year's Eve here.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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So what do they drop to the sounds of our favorite singer?

New Jersey is dropping Snooki? From how high? If we contribute will they make it higher and higher?...

Not even close to clicking, Wiredog. Go stand in the corner.

You know, when I think "class" the first thing that comes to mind is Mobile on New Year's Eve but after reading the second article it would be hard to top the image of a giant dill pickle with a top hat, at least not without a lot of mind-altering substances.

Watch out for the RC Cola dropping at 12:01. Could get sloppy.

Meanwhile, in Des Moines:

Mr. Mayor, did you see this story about Mobile?! They're gonna drop a moon pie!

Well, hell, son, we ain't got none of them.

Yes, Sir, I know, but we do have all those cattle, and ...

Here in our part of Nodak (in consideration of local industries), there's a droppin' of a huge lump of coal ... followed by release of vast amounts of Natural Gas ...

of course that happens 24/7/365, so we don't really even notice ...

They forgot the possum drop in Brasstown NC. This year it will not be a live possum due to a law suit by PETA. Instead, I read, they will drop a dead, stuffed one. I guess that meets PETA's goal.

trou, wiredog, trou!! we're dropping trousers to the sound of our favorite singer! everyone knows how hot he is! :)

true story: i am a huge fan of the musical genius, and on his birthday every year (june 17th) i bring in cake and ice cream to work to celebrate. (people show up mainly to get the cake and ice cream, and also to make fun of my barry obsession). so one of the new guys we had just hired (who was probably in his 20's) asked me (in all seriousness), "hey, y'all are sure fond of this barry manilow guy. did he used to work here?" it's been 7 years since then, and i still haven't lived this down, and sadly the guy is still employed here. (sigh)

I couldn't decide which I liked best: the giant sardine or the giant olive dropped into a giant martini glass

A cherry drop in Macon, Georgia? That's just setting itself up for all sorts of jokes.

Up here, we plan to drop everything.

Sure, the Moon Pie drop sounds funny. But Mobile has Grayson Capps playing New Years Eve and he's pretty cool:

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