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December 27, 2012


Brazilian tries to smuggle a Blackberry, recharger, earphones and sim card into prison (all hidden in his bottom)

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Hmmm that's right no laptop.

i've thought about jamming an electronic device in someone else's hinder but not my own...

Snork at "We will probe as deep as we have to in order to find who is behind this".

The new color, Poopberry...

That "we will probe" quote sort of sounds as though it was translated by one of us. 'Fess up ... Who got a seasonal job at the Mail doing Portuguese / English stories?

Eu nao estava

Deve ter sido Ronald W. Ballocks, então.

Well, that's a stretch.
Another wheelbarrow of stool softeners, Nurse!
(I'm not a Doctor. But I can talk like an actor pretending to be one).

Now playing: Phil Collins Hello, I must be going.

I will bet that he's going to very poop-ular in prison.

We do not pay our prison guards nearly enough.

Huh, I just got rid of my Blackberry the other day and that's pretty much what I told Veriz-n they could do with it.

Sounds like his mother helped him pack for prison. "Honey, did you remember to pack your recharger...?" "Oh, it's packed, Mom. It is REALLY packed."

Hey, wouldn't it be a Brownberry now?

I wonder if that spammer ^ can get any good discounts on used Blackberry phones? Of course, the quality may be, um, well "spotty", but I am sure he guarantees we won't get any bum units.

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