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December 30, 2012


A Florida woman is jailed on a battery rap for allegedly striking her boyfriend after he “finished first and stopped pleasuring her” during a mutual oral sex session late last night in the victim’s home, police report.

Advisory: Raunch.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins, Jeff Meyerson and DaninTustin)


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Amazingly, alcohol...

He's lucky she didn't set him and the mattress on fire.

After all, Hell hath no fury like a woman...unfinished.

Nice guys always finish last.

She'll plead guily with an ejaculation. Just watch.

The one time she decided not to fake it, she went postal instead.

Get a life.

Hoax. Snopes confirms a 50 year old woman will not do this oral thing anymore.

He finished lickity-split.

"Just a Gigalo" comes to mind.

Yeah, loudmouth, I hear it too. And life goes on without me.

Oh and HAMS, don't believe everything you read on Snopes.

I found the word "battery" included with a story about a woman getting interrupted gave me a mental picture of some toys by the bedside...

Some people are just not good at multitasking.

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