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December 28, 2012


“How does The Ozzy Osbourne International Airport resonate?"

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I like it. Then we can get up a campaign to rename the (incredibly boring) Westchester County Airport after Dave.

They'll never get the planes to come down without rehab.

Imagine how unintelligible the public address system would be.

Resonate? Yeah. Tho not quite as effective or mind-boggling as "Dave Barry Sewer Lift Station No. 15 - or 16, We Forget Right Now"

Ozzie having a Crazy Train station named after him would be more reasonable. Unless the Birmingham airport has No Easy Way Out so passengers wind up Flying High Again, naming it after Ozzie doesn't make as much sense.

At least it is an airport, not a crazy train. That would make some people go off the rails.

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