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December 01, 2012


It's today. We are completely terrified ready. We'll see you at noon in Coconut Grove, where an enthusiastic crowd has already started to gather.



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Dave, the crowd in that picture is waaaay too civilized...

Hunt? Are Floridians even in season? Don't wear that set of joke reindeer antlers. Wear something blaze orange.

Well, Loudmouth, speaking as a seasonal Floridian, I will take your advice.
The orange will stand out at the wedding we're going to, but better safe...

Steve, if you wear orange to the wedding the bride and groom will never forget that you were there for their special day.

Good luck to all Hunters. Or beers, as the case, or by the case, may be.

Hunter Orange in the Valpo Chapel for the Christmas concert. A new tradition is born.

Hmmmm, not as many riot police as last year. Must be some kind of budget cutback.

Doesn't look like a big enough crowd to keep all those police under control.

Good Luck Hunters!

Power to the people. I hope they get the new constitution that they've been protesting for, and that the course of the revolution... what? ... It's not ? Oh, never mind then.

Apparently, the lines for voting in the 2012 election are still rather long.

That's it, Clankie. The answer to peace. The Cairo Hunt with Mohammed the CairoHuntGuy. You are a shoe-in for the Nobel next year.

Or, you'll be what they're hunting for.

Or even a shoo-in.

They throw shoes over there.

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