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December 18, 2012


Squeezing breasts 'could stop growth of cancer cells'

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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I'm going to try this therapy right now!

Wait...whose cancer cells are stopped?

Wait...who cares?!

It's up to blog guys to give our ladies a hand..or two. "Doctor's orders, my dear!"

If this were true, wouldn't mammograms themselves cure cancer?

I'm SURE that we have many guy blogers here who would volunteer for this worthy cause.

So when we're not fighting prostate cancer by (ahem) slapping the salami, we should be helping out women with a little squeeze?

I'm in.

"It's alright! I'm a doctor!"


The line forms to the right ladies!

Happy to be of service!

We must keep abreast of developments like this!

Imma take my healin' hands ALLLLL over the world!

Hands across the water,
Hands across the sky, eh pad?

We call it the helpful healthful handful.

They could have made the same argument about colon cancer, but this was more fun.

Elon, you go ahead and treat intestines. I know my true calling when I fondle it.


But you are a dentist.

Hmmm. I suspect that the researchers in question are fifteen-year-old idiot-savant boys who finished up their post-doctoral work and now have time on their, ahem, hands.

Deserving of a Nobel prize for science. Finally, a study with some true value.

I'm not a doctor, but I'll give 'em a look.

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