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December 12, 2012


Be careful.

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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Could we have this for the DC beltway? Slow pokes in the passing lane would be an excellent place to start.

no doubt planeclothes officers

Wow. Can they do that with people who don't pick up after their dogs too ?

Love it! I always see those signs and agree they are dumb.

Note to me to see Red Dawn this weekend....

They were doing this on I75 in Florida at one time. I don't know if they're still doing it. It sounds legally problematic. The officer in the plane would clock a car traveling between two stripes painted 1/4 mile apart. Then he'd have his buddy on the ground stop the car and write the ticket.

A friend sent this to me because my dad got a ticket in Georgia a couple of weeks ago. They said he failed to acknowledge a caution light. My two, 80 year old aunts were in the car with him and decided to stretch their legs while the cop was writing the ticket. He immediately got out of his car, crouched down, and yelled at them to get back into the car immediately. My dad was afraid he was going to tase them so he drug them back into the car while they stood around saying, "Well I nevah! Have you evah Bubba? I nevah". My dad's nickname is Bubba and he hates it. The ticket cost him $150.00.

Hey! I want one of those for kids who walk on my lawn!


I've said fer years that every driver should be issued two Stinger missiles (Automobile adapted) per lifetime. Professional drivers should be allowed two per day, and when operating their business vehicle in any metropolitan area (or Fargo, ND), two per hour.

We'd see fewer "errors in driving judgement choices" if an egregious miscue while behind the wheel could lead to "corrective actions" that were more effective than merely "flippin' the bird" ... merely sayin' ...

Yeah, but cindy, your Dad is a notorious leadfoot right?


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