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December 26, 2012


Cricket wicket badly damaged by teens in underwear

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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How dare they! What were they thinking by damaging a perfectly good cricket wicket. String 'em up! btw, what exactly is a cricket wicket?

That's taking "Leg before wicket" a bit too far.

That story just got more surreal with each paragraph.

Playing soccer on a cricket pitch could possibly synthesize a game so boring that the universe could come to an end. Maybe the teens were Mayans?

No, this is SERIOUS. After they're done with all the cricket wickets, they'll come after the soccer lockers! Then the hockey jockeys! Then the... wait, does hockey have jockeys?

Sure. How do you think they avoid injuries to their ...

Oh, you said "jockeys." Never mind.

Well this is a bit of a sticky wicket, in't it?

You know, because they were in underwear...

Cricket is normally more boring than baseball mixed with watching paint dry.

Wait, it takes 3 weeks to replace 3 uprights and two cross pieces?

"Sticky wicket" is from croquet, not criquet. As a dwarf notes in The Hobbit movie, croquet is a great game "if you've got the balls for it."

Sticky wicket is most certainly from cricket. It describes the condition when the pitch is wet, so it is hard to discern how the ball will bounce.

At MikeyVA

Apparently the replacement parts are being made by the same people who brought us Stonehenge.

Elon, but then I couldn't have typed "criquet"!

Teens in Underwear WBAGNFARB.

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