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December 30, 2012




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Brilliantly done, sir. Here's hoping 2013 sucks less!

Who would havw thought Dave could make this year seem entertaining, if still sucky? Great job, Dave.

I know nursecindy will enjoy the many references to her favorite New York City Mayor.

Great, as usual!

I'd forgotten just how much foolishness there was in 2012. Only Dave could make it palatable.

I look forward to this every year. Thanks Dave, for making a sucky year seem more palatable...

Oddly enough, I'm still pretty vague on exactly what a "Honey Boo Boo" is. It used to be that when I was baffled by pop culture references, I'd go to that font of wisdom Wikipedia (they may have trouble agreeing on how to read thermometers and basic physics, but they get the important stuff right). I'm afraid to do that now. Last time, I was trying to figure WTF a "Snooki" is, and I still haven't recovered.

(Those who aren't familiar with me may be astonished to learn that I really do live in a cabin, heated with a wood stove, in the woods on a dirt road. And that there is no television -- broadcast or cable -- here. Thank Bog. Until I gave it up as a bad idea, I wrote science fiction; often by lantern light.)

Saw WHAP open for WHAM. Besides being 'vaseline coated' the article was great.

The jape about Greece abandoning the Euro in favor of the Gyro was brilliant. Many thanks!

Where are the naked pictures of Prince Charles and Camilla?

Horace? *WHAP*!

Reading this while eating salad. Not a good idea. Bits of masticated greens being propelled out my nose.

Greece agreed to have sex with Germany, but will not accept credit cards or checks.

Is there any way to read this without becoming a Miami Herald Member?

"Is there any way to read this without becoming a Miami Herald Member?"

The Washington Post is also carrying it.

A winner, however right after this was published Bloomberg had Dave arrested for evil suggestion of buying two sodas. No one in New York had thought of that until Dave gave them the idea. Shame on Dave.

Thank you Dave! I laughed out loud. BTW, Walter is the only Miami Herald "member" of note that I am aware of.

Many thanks! I kept getting the pop-up to join...

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