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December 24, 2012


And remember: Walter knows if you've been bad or good...


...but Walter doesn't care.


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Merry Christmas to Walter, Dave, and Judi. And Merry Christmas to all of you too! Thank you for all the laughs you've given me this year. I love you all.

Also please pray for me. I get to spend the evening with about 50 southern rednecks, aka my family.

Happy Holidays, all. I'd add a cheeky expression of good wishes and hope for the future, sometimes used by our cousins across the Atlantic, namely "Keep yer pecker up, Mate," but the photo suggests it would be redundant.

Walter in his holiday finery. Just to reiterate. Don't lick that pole, yer tongue will stick to it.

Oooo. A few snow flakes outside the window. Reminds me of my family. Merry Christmas cindy, and hold mah beer...

No, Walter, I do NOT wish to meet your elves.

A very Merry Christmas / belated Happy Hanukkah to the Blog & family, judi & family, Walter (and whomsoever) and all the Blogites whose commentary keeps me in stitches all year 'round!

(Pssst... Happy New Year, too!)

Oh, and a special shout-out (or scritch-out) to Lucy! Keep doin' what you do!

Does Santa Oosik always lurk in the bushes?

I thought the Festivus Pole was supposed to be aluminum. Have a snazzy solstice celebration of your choice.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and happy new year to everyone present, and even those not! Walter, Dave, and Judi especially deserve a good few days of festivity (festiveness? festering? festules?).

Everyone hoist one!

Happy Holidays, Dave, judi, Walter (nice leg, by the way), and everyone. and here's hoping that 2013 brings peace to us all..

Merry Christmas, everybody! And to whoever "borrowed" my copy of Microsoft Office and failed to return it? You're in big trouble.

You have my Word.

Merry Yule! And a bright New Year!

PirateBoy, you're on my list. I'm checking it twice. It doesn't say "Nice".

Thanks, JSG. You're a "font" of wisdom! :)

(Sorry, I didn't like that linotype.....)

Hoping all are in safe, warm places, with friends and family and glass of cheer. Peace, all! (And just what is wrong with rednecks? I earned mine the hard way.)

Why Walter looks so fashionable. Merry Christmas Eve to all. That means you too Dave. I must order your book soon.

Wishing all a safe happy and healthy festive season. Hic.

I take it Jan means if you want a safe, happy and healthy festive season it's a good idea to stay away from the roads. If you are in Florida that includes rooms facing a road.

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night.
Read that somewhere.

Hairy Christmas and Snappy New Year to all my Blog enhanced friends.

Merry Christmas to Walter, Dave, Judi, and all here!

Merry Christmas, all.

Merry Christmas from New Zealand, where oosiks are normally attached to HoHoHobbits.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all! Thanks for the many years of laughter and levity. I wish you all a safe and Happy New Year!

Peace, love and rock on.

Happy Christmas, bloglits, one and all!

Merry Christmas, Dave, judi and all you wacky people that I have come to love throughout the years! Have Joy!

I just love it when HogsAteMySister makes a comment. I think it's the accent. I hope Santa was good to everyone.

Christmas Cheer to all that are here
To those that aren't, hope it's not through arrest warrant.

(Alright, so I'm not Charles Dickens ....)
Happys, Merrys, and Peace to ALL.)

*snork* at Meanie! Happiest of holidays to Dave & family, Judi & family, Walter & all bloglits. Thank you for all the joy this year!

And special greetings and thanks to Dave, Judi, Walter and the unfathomable state of Florida for great and baffling times throughout the year.

Let's not be forgetting Flathead County folks.

I wonder how Flathead County coped with Christmas?
8:21 a.m. A Hungry Horse woman reported that a loose dog who used to live in a neighboring house often returns to the neighborhood to do annoying dog things.
I wonder how she feels about reindeer games?

Sorry I'm coming into the game late. Merrifying with my loved ones kept me occupied. I hope all of my blog friends who have *snorked* me through many a rough day enjoyed the peace and warmth of the holiday.

Merry Christmas to Dave, Judi, Walter, and your families. (I can't figure out if Walter has a family. One would think so.)
And all the blogits, each and every one.

*nursecindy*, despite 20 years in NZ, the Okie accent lives on. Especially after the egg nog...

Snarks and cheers through all the years!!

I love HAMS's handle because it is part of a joke my father tells--he's 86. You had to live in an era when most people had out houses and hog pens to get the joke.

Ken, you really HAVE to tell me that joke. Just go the my blog.

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