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December 31, 2012


Have fun tonight. But please remember the values for which this blog stands. Thank you.


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Always wear a hat?

Nudity, drunkenness, high flow toilets, fart jokes and judi's kilt fetish?

Back atcha.
Is there an echo in here? Where is everybody?

Looks worse in Firefox.

"SOMEtimes disturbing??!?" SOMEtimes?!??

Actually, "sometimes" was meant to modify "people."

My copy said an unknown relative of mine died in Nigeria, and I'm going to soon be worth $9 million dollars*.

*= 9 million Nigerian dollars, I assume?

Verbum sapienti: try not to fall off any porches. slows down the commenting. Happy what is it this week? Oh, yes. New Year.

Is that so. Happy New Years Eve. Hmmmm, margarita?

Well it's a jolly good job our daughter is home to open this in Chrome for me. Hic. Hugs and much health to all.
Go Jays.

In the time it takes to compose this five other things will most likely occur.

Dick Clark Syndrome.

(n) A mental disorder that causes you to count down to 1 from the last number you say in whole intervals. upon ending, you say, "Happy New Year".

A police officer pulls you over and asks how fast you were driving. You honestly say, 85, then without thinking and uncontrollably you being, 79...78....77....76...and so on. As you reach the last 10 your excitement picks up. Finally end with "Happy New Year". The officer will want to take you in for arrest, but you state your medical problem, "Dick Clark Syndrome (DCS)"

hny dude!

Should we aim for mostly harmless in 2013?

I just realized that this is actually a .jpg image, and my browser (FireFox) didn't handle the link properly. If anyone else sees gibberish, do a "save as" and name it something.jpg, then open it using any standard image viewer.

Thank you for calling PB's Tech Support. That will be $35 (American) please?

PB: I figured it out myself, using Chrome. Not paying. Neener neener.

I thought our only standard was shoot 'em in the thigh.

Happy New Year to everyone!

Sorry, Dmentd, but our Repo Department will soon be in touch with you.

Stand? Those are values for which we occasionally non-alarming sometimes people fall down.

Happy New Year, Blog Kin.


Happy New Beer

Should auld acquaintance be forgot? Nah, I LIKE all the blog acquaintances....!

Snoopy Hapyear to all, and to all a *buuuurrrppp* goodnight!

PS....about that picture...

Relative of yours, Dave?

Happy New Year! Let's start over.

" Values " ...? I'll drink to that !


Dammit, I thought I had changed my Facebook privacy on that picture...

Happy New Year and a dram of moloko, my razdrez bloglit droogs!

Couldn't go to bed without stopping to wish my Second Family a happy 2013. Having survived the Mayan AcapulcoLips, I'm confident we're good for another year, as long as we stick together.

P.S. Ralph, the consensus at our adult-beverage infused gathering tonight was in complete agreement with your recommendation. How bad could it be to start from scratch?

waatching the ny eve 'tv program' with whosssis seacrest made me long for guy lombardo.
save ya a seat on the geezer bus, anyone?

You know it's bad (Seacrest? Jenny McCarthy? am I in Hell already?) when you choose Kathy Griffin as a companion while you watch the ball drop.

Hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year!

And here I was sure Dave was going to bury us.

*SMACKS* Jeff.

Make that this year's New Year's resolution, cindy:

Always hover before you click.

Happy New Year.

Ironically enough, the link is fubar in Firefox, but look just fine in Internet Exploder 8.

Happy New Year Dave and Judi, and all you alarming people, wherever you are.

Happy Whutever & All That, y'all ...

Happy New Year to all! I didn't click on the link; I've been Manilow'd too many times.

jan, I'd see a doctor for that if I were you.

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