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December 31, 2012


Not sure how to get rid of your Christmas Tree? Inventors reveal how to turn it into a ROCKET

Key Rocket Name: "Missle Toe"

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I may have to wire in some anti-Christmas Tree Missiles to defend our house, just in case.


I expected the inventors to utilize the matter of the Christmas tree, and with nuclear fusion, propel the tree with no carbon by products. I'm disappointed.

Come on LeDud, this is pretty cool.

Aim it at Send it to Congress.

I am NOT cleaning up the needles from that.

A beaver was quoted as saying, "Ripe. Resiny, with some notes of WAAHHAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa!"

If you dig it now, wait'll the rush hits you.

That controller is an Arduino "Micro" (the older model) with an Xbee wireless interface. It scares me that I know this.

As Drew Carey once said: "Dust off the amateur radio, get the fish tank out of the garage again, and I'd be the world's biggest loser."

Except my amateur radio isn't dusty!

Now that's what guys are good for!!! Coolness.

Two trees are in the woods a couple of weeks before Dec. 25.
One says, "You gonna get lit up for Christmas?"
"Yeah," says the other, "It'll be a blast."

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