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December 21, 2012


Here's how a guy takes out the garbage.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)



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His young son will grow up and do nothing in life but embarras the family due to the emotinal scares related to this family Youtube incident.

Probably not Florida.

He should just do what I do. Smile at the trashmen and they will come up to the house and roll the can out for you.

He must be getting old, imagine wearing a hat to take out the trash in only -21C.

She could of always taken out the garbage since he was already undressed. I can't see why he should of gone out like that. Different strokes for different folks. I chalk it up to that.

He put his boots on; what's the problem?

So he ducks when a car goes by but doesn't care if the neigbors see him in his skivies? Weird.

And he's still got to take out the recycling.

911, what's your emergency?

There's a guy crouching down behind his trash can. Like he was trying to hide or something.

We'll send a Deputy right out.

Har. That's a Homer fer sure.

he hasnt trained the kid to take out the trash yet?

Kudos to the husband for taking out the trash!

Not that I'm bitter about that ..

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