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December 26, 2012


The self-described King of Rock and Roll Debauchery was arrested early Saturday during a house party at the Sausage Castle


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Ooh ooh, I know - New Hampshire!

What? Check his neck tat.

"The Sausage Castle?" That's the absolute wurst name I've heard. I wouldn't even link to it. What a brat this guy must have been. He doesn't look like much of a sweet Italian, either.

Intelligence by the ton.

Sausage Castle - A trend destination, fer sure.

OK - here's the link (sorry) to the Sausage Castle.

Check out the classy photo gallery. (gal-lery, get it?)

The Sausage Castle on Hickory Tree, that's the one that backs up to Hooters, right?

I'd like to back up to some hooters.

Thanks Jeff. A late entry for worst website of the year award.

Rebel without a life.

Jeezely, Jeff ... I thot mebbe yer link would lead to a bunch of fotos of "half-naked women" that the reporter carelessly fergot to include in the story about the arrest ...

Nope. Dang! Shoddy journalism ... I hate it when that happens ...

Penalty flag thrown at Char. Horrible but well done. I'm gonna ask my wife if I should try to look like this guy....I'm very dull the way I look now.

First of all I'm incredibly thankful that Santa did NOT leave something that looks like him under my tree this year. Secondly why does he call it the "Sausage Castle"? Was he also trying to sell assorted pork products?

"A/K/A . . . Busey" -- relative of Gary Busey perhaps? That said, if he gets out of the party business, his jowls would make him perfect casting as Henry VIII.

His tattoo looks like it must have been a pain in the neck.

As Jeff Foxworthy says, "If your family tree doesn't fork, you might just be a redneck."

I was wondering if there was a Gary Busey relationship there too. He certainly has the hair color.

But cindy, I'm guessing he's single. No, don't blame you, he does not look like a keeper.

Jeff, he's a keeper, if you plan on making bait.

I remember this guy! When I lived in Florida, and was looking for a room, I ran across his ad on Craig's list looking for renters. I didn't know anything about him, and thought his ad seemed like a lot of fun (he didn't seem very debacherous, just fun). The rent was too much for me to afford tho, so I didn't bother.

This is the only other time I heard of him. Wow....I sure dodged a bullet! :D

Got to be New Hampshire.

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