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December 21, 2012


A nagging wife has been given an ASBO after keeping neighbours awake for three years with her constant quibbling.


(Thanks to Ralph)


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An ASBO (Anti-social Behavior Order) is a Brit thing. It wouldn't work here as the First Amendment assures the right to be obnoxious. Also, in Florida the courts would have time for little else.

We would call it the AHBO or the A Hole Behavior Order.

To be portrayed in the film by Charles Laughton

What a wonderful photograph.

The picture sure caught her good side. Thank all that is holy, it caught her good side.

testing again

So THAT'S where my bag of nickles went!

^ nickels...damn not autocorrect

Huh. I thought I'd read that the ASBO was being phased out on the grounds that it was too stupid and ineffective a legal concept even for the UK to put up with. Apparently not.

*snork* at Punkin!

Edgar ?

Yay! Punkin's on the blog! Punkin's on the blog! I mean, how nice to see Punkin again.

Easy to see why he would put up with endless banshee behavior from that vision of loveliness.

Nice eyes, too.

PUNKIN!!!! What's up???? We miss you here! The asylum just isn't the same without the head inmate.

Asshat Bovine Order.

Seems like all the neighbors pitching in on a one way ticket to Borneo would be a lot easier. You know her husband would probably throw in a few quid.

I took an ASBO once and woke up in a commune in Oregon five years later.

No one seems to be treating this as abusive behavior towards her husband- if she were prosecuted on that basis, she would not be able to bug her neighbors either. Saying she "is not violent" does not excuse regularly screaming at another human being, even if he chooses to stay married to her.
She needs to find a better outlet & stop making excuses.

isnt an asbo the that australian musical instrument? she related to alfred hitchcock?

Related to a snapping turtle.

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