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December 11, 2012


Woman Orders a Dishwasher, Gets a Complimentary Snake

(Thanks to jon harris)


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I've had my drains snaked before, but never from the dishwasher side!

She must have selected "serpentine" as her color choice.

This not being Australia, at least the snake was relatively harmless. Relatively.

What an overreaction. She should have kept the dishwasher and returned what appears to be a harmless ribbon snake, or let it loose in the house to eat roaches.

So to make a long story short, her boyfriend is too chicken to remove a harmless snake from some tape?

Another case of reptile disfunction.

My preciousssssssssssss

I agree with Ralph that it was more likely a Ribbon Snake.
In any case, grow a pair and let that little snake go.

Complimentary snake? What did it say? "Niccccce Sssshoesss"? "You look wonderful in that dresssss"?

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