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December 03, 2012


Biologists disguise themselves as cranes to lure endangered birds to their new home


(Thanks to Monique)


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Cranes in black Wellies: give us a hug!

The crane thought they were geese, and would have nothing to do with transganders.

That's a subspecies of Sandhill crane. The regular sort are not endangered at all. There's even a season on them in Texas. I've heard they're quite tasty.

Why am I picturing Niles and Frasier here?

looks more like diapers to me

Munchian biology.

It looks like someone pulled off a prank on another department. Next the group will be dressed as French poodles.


bonmot - yer correct, the other subspecies are hunted in all the states north of TX ... it's been awhile, but the last time I dined on crane, it wuz the best "water dwelling" bird I've tasted (better than duck or goose, IMO) ... all dark meat, sumwhut similar to turkey ...

They don't want to "spook the cranes?" Hell, they're spooking me.

I agree with NMUA; this has to be a cruel joke played on a bunch of grad students by their faculty. "Hey, next let's see if we can get them to dress up like horses and do that Gangnam thing."

No self respecting crane would be fooled by that. You might get a few women's fashion designers to follow you, though.

John Galliano, for example. Now he'd spook the cranes, no doubt.

Omniskeptic, I'm going to LOL over that stuff for a while now.

Teletubbies gone wild.

Trust me. Cranes are absolutely that dumb. Likely the dumbest birds alive.

Sandhills and Whooping cranes, yes, I agree. Whupping Cranes, though ... Well, just stay off their lawns.

Elon ... nah, domestically raised turkeys are the dumbest ... and I mever had much luck foolin' cranes, tho they sumtimes would land among my goose decoys ... but so would the geese ...

Sandhill cranes get spooked?! Heck, in the area I used to live in Florida, all anyone had to do was rattle some corn feed in a cup, and they'd all run TO you.

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