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December 22, 2012


‘Giant serpent’ invades island near Phuket

(Thanks to Ralph)


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What's the Phuket word for hoax, other than Phuket?

Ducks always sound like they are "quacking frantically."

Yeah, I've never seen snake trails like that.
I suspect "sneak" more than snake.

Snakeheads walk on land. They've evolved again. Damn.

Giant serpents have tires?

Wonder if anyone's missing a wheelbarrow anywhere in the area?

And why is it that, although Thailand is a relatively large country as South Asian countries go, all we see is a suspiciously high proportion of stories from Phuket? I mean, where's the news from Tha Yu? Or its suburb, Tha Yu Self? And what about Nantucket?

Oh, I see. This is why we don't get much Nantucket news.

The paper categorized that as "Front Page News," by the way.

I suspect the ducks.

Peking duck rustlers.

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