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December 07, 2012


A doorbell for dogs.


(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Is this really necessary? I've never seen a dog who had a problem getting you to let him inside. Now teaching dogs to drive like they're doing in New Zealand is another story.



Good morning, sir. I wonder if I could interest you in a subscription to Raccoon Times? No? How about donating to the homeless raccoon foundation? Can I leave this brochure with you, "1001 ways to avoid being bitten by a raccoon by giving them food?"


What now!?

Good morning. I represent Squirrels United Against Dogs, and ...

"You can put a treat inside the space behind that initiates the dog to be interested in this." In my neighborhood the bears would learn faster.

It wouldn't work with Joe, whom we suspect is brain damaged.
All heart, no brain. Which works surprisingly well.
Stewie, on the other hand would ring it and run.

My dogs just bark when they want in. Seems to work pretty well too.

Just what we need: a new set of pranksters playing " Ding, dong, bitch ".


Christ, it's a bear! At the door!

Hiya. Nice place ya got here. Be a pity if somethin' happened to it, ya know. I mean, accidents happen. Stuff breaks. Look at dis door here -- I'd hate to see a bunch of claw marks in it, ya know what I mean? Now, me and my buds, here, you slip us a coupla pic-a-nic baskets, and we make sure dat ...

Now the old "dog crap in flames on the porch" trick can eliminate (HAR!) the middle man.

It's bad enough I've got one for people to use.

Maybe something like this would stop my wife's cat from destroying my screens.

They'll find a way to pool on it.

Uh, loop. Loop! Pool! Plop! Poop! I poop on Siri!

We used to have a cat that would ring the doorbell when he wanted in.

No special pet doorbell needed!

Ahem... http://www.instructables.com/id/Altoids-Tin-Doorbell-Switch-for-Dogs/

I have invented a product for completely different reasons - but have morphed it into a pet door bell - please check it out...


The intended purpose was designed for disability access into small businesses - my company www.inclusionsolutions.com solves disability issues in many different arenas -

i find it funny that people find more merit for pets than people sometimes...

Be well.


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