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December 24, 2012


Thought-controlled beer taps?

(Thanks to The Perts)


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I can see the headlines now.
Miami. Beer Gushes Down Streets
Yesterday author Dave Barry and two of his male "bloggers" were walking down a street in Miami when suddenly all the beer taps began pouring beer. Onlookers reported it was amazing. Beer was flowing down the streets. Mr. Barry and his entourage could not be reached for comments.

“I’m looking forward to silly things ...”

Me too.

I was thinking of Sam Adams and all I got was this damn Bud Light. It'll never work.

"“You’ll be able to share your feelings when you see a picture of a baby on the Internet, to show exactly how happy you were,” Coleman explained."

That is a terrible idea.

Let's all admit what this gadget would actually be used for:

Automatic-downloading of internet porn.

Eeew. I hope it is washable!

>> Sensors at the front and the sides of the headband gather information on how your brain is functioning through electroencephalography. <<

Pols' headbands have nothing to do, unless the pol gets a gas bubble.

Um, can I get one to fit a slightly smaller head?
That's where I do most of my thinking, anyway.

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