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December 31, 2012


Sweden thanks Abba for the music with an all-singing, all-dancing museum


(Thanks to Monique)


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So I'm supposed to pay about $50 to visit this place... I think I'd rather visit the dentist for unnecessary root canal work without pain meds

You are the dancing queen! Young and free! Only 17, oh yeah!
Sorry, I'm an ABBA fan. I would probably visit this.

Me too, cindy, I have to admit.

After all, we've seen MAMMA MIA! on stage multiple times.

They seem to have held on to their youth well?

Jeff, I have it on DVD.

ABBA Museum background music suggestion.

Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo Mon-Fri during business hours. Also Hang on Sloopy weekends and during any ABBA special dates days that No Stairway song.

Also have the DVD and have seen it on stage a lot.

*booking my ticket to Sweden now...* :)


I was thinking the same thing. Then I clicked the link and saw the photo is from 1975. They look decidedly middle-aged in their Wikipedia entry.

Ah, well...

White jump suits and jazz hands. I could not ask for anything more.

I've been humming "Take a Chance on Me" all morning.

I'm glad I'm not the guy on the left. Looks mighty constipated.

Wonder if it will have a wing for Barry?

I'd go there with you all! The DVD literally grows on you, and you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night humming whatever earwig song most recently infected you. Except for the one Pierce Bronson tries to sing...

If the other members of ABBA attend the opening, will someone comp their admission ticket? I can just imagine the kid at the door asking "Bjorn, free?"

No. Just say "NO".

Can't get the image of Colin Firth in polyester flares out of my head.

Those mini-togas are OK anytime, but I can do without the Hello Kitty appliques...unless they are trying to say that those legs go all the way up.

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