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December 24, 2012


Everyone (except me) was out of the house tonight, so I decided to do something completely uncharacteristic and be productive. I opened all the boxes I’d been getting over the last week and started to wrap everything.

I got down to the final package, which should have been a couple of presents for my wife. Much to my surprise, the package contained one item, and it was not what I ordered. After being on the phone to India (twice), they are going to send me a replacement.

And, I have to say, of all the things they could have sent, nothing could have surprised me more than the super hero underwear I received. “The Flash” super hero underwear, size men’s large. Not sure who’d want to have that label associated with them, but the store told me in no uncertain terms that I could keep them. I told them in no uncertain terms that the underwear arrived in a sealed clear plastic wrapper and will stay that way.

Merry Christmas!

Steve Pietrowicz


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Keep them sealed and they will be worth millions in 4 hundred years.

Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukah to all.

Keep them Steve and wear them in good health. Don't forget us blog ladies and post some pictures when you do.

Steve, maybe your wife would model them for your Christmas present.

Or not.

Have a good one and remember fa-ra-ra-ra-ra ra-ra-ra ra.

Jeff Meyerson told me he and his wife will be following an ancient Jewish tradition by eating Chinese food this Christmas Eve. I had no idea the ancient Jews ate Chinese food on Christmas Eve. I learn something new every day.

Cindy. One of my clients (a synagogue, BTW) was having a staff Hanukkah lunch last week and invited me to join them for sushi, Chinese food, latkes and donuts.

Steve, Use The Force, Be The Flash, then remove them very, very quickly.

Gah! No pictures of me in those... There are international laws against that kind of cruelty to people.

Today I'll be looking for a eleven-foot poll so I can dispose of these things properly.

Have a very Merry Christmas!


Steve - mail them back to the vendor anyway, in a styrofoam container with some napkins, plastic flatware, and a note reading "Eat my shorts."

*Holiday-sized snork @ Omni*

I was wondering where they went. No idea what I'm going to do with this inflatable oosik.

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