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November 30, 2012


The Beeracuda.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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I like the one that looks like a giant Dagwood sandwich. Yum.

They should make a keg sized one.

Attention Nobel Prize Committee....

I prefer the "around the waist" type that D#2 gave me for Christmas ... camouflage, adjustable belt, holds a six-pack ... whick, compared to this 'cuda, allows both hands to not hafta hold the shoulder strap in place ... which allows holdin' a beverage in each hand ... more efficient that way ... but y'all prolly gnu that ...

Beerkpacking gear.

In the '70's Labatt's gave these away as a promotion when buying a case of beer. But it ws the '70's that's why Dave can't remember.

Customer warning: Use of the beercuda could lead to arrests for pooping in the police sink or a wide range of crimes reported by Dave Barry's blog and the Flathead police blotter.

So what we're saying is "enjoy".

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