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November 30, 2012


Mustache transplants.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody and jon harris)


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So there's a lot of guys running around the Middle East with scars on their backs now?

There might be some fellas out there that would like a mustache implant. Some that really can't grow one.

I won't be needin' to avail (i)Moi(/i) Ownself of this advance in medically-induced vanity ... my 'stache is quite fine, TYVM ... but I s'pose now that's merely one more item the EMTs can notify the ER about ... "Hey! He's got 'DONOR' on his license!!! Who wanted a great-lookin' Handlebar-type?"

I think my mother-in-law would make a perfect mustache donor.


'- the patients and were able to fly home the day after they had the procedure, which costs about $7,000'

kinda steep for an airline ticket, no?

It is written:

Cultivate not around thy lip what groweth freely around thine bumhole.

Careful. That sort of loose talk could earn you a fatwa. In fact, I hear the Ayatollah Youso is teaming up with the Amish to form a facial hair anti-defamation league.

Personally, even though I'm a member of no organized religion whatsoever (nor any disorganized ones, either, now that I think of it,) my lip has never been shaved. It did shed 99% a while back, but that was chemically-induced, not razor-driven. Spent six months not looking in a mirror, but I have to say, transplants never occurred to me.

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