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November 26, 2012


We just think you need to see it.

(Thanks to Howard from Broward)


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A young man texting while walking. What's the big deal?

Oregon. Figures.

Are we sure Judi didn't submit this?

"Luke! I am your dadaidh!"

Darth Vader with bagpipes. Now that's what I call the Dark Side

Just could not make up his mind.

He's a big wheel at the SciFi convention?

(And I'm betting he's single....)

So, can't breathe without the mask, but with it he suddenly has the lung power to play the 'pipes. I blame Lucas.

I once held a competition to describe the most obnoxious thing in the world. The winning entry was "A born again vegan christian tea party mime playing an accordion while riding a recumbent bicycle".

This is a close second. Judi must be in ecstasy!

It's Oregon.

It gets worse: He plays.


I have to say that the underappreciated star of this photo is actually the texting guy on the left. He's just as striking, in his way, as our central figure, albeit more understated.

All right, class. Let's deconstruct. First, he's wearing a kilt which is reason enough for the picture to be posted here. Next, he's riding an obscure and accident-prone vehicle; if the likely outcome occurs, given the kilt, he'll be more or less naked, which again, entitles him to our attention. The mask is probably just the first thing that came to hand when his mother caught him on the way up the stairs from her basement and said "You're not riding that thing without a helmet!" And the bagpipes? Ah, the bell! We'll take this up again tomorrow. Dismissed.

Omni: it's not just a mask; it's the entire upper part of a Darth Vader costume. Just sayin'.

It's not just the entire upper part of a Darth Vader costume. It's a way of life.

Waaaaay past laundry day.

This photo is worth 324 words (thus far)329 including this post

Well played, Cheesewiz.

I think what we're seeing here is character study for the new Disney Star Wars film.

They're going to make the new villain Scottish.

Introducing: Darth....Vedderrrrr.

Ah, the MacVader clan. The coat of arms is a film franchise, rampant on a field of geeks; several prequels couchant; a bar sinister; and two large piles of money, supporting. The motto "Nemo me impune luminaclaymore," or "No one touches me with a light sabre."

This is a photo of one of Obama's top economic advisors on his way to an urgent economic summit meeting. He normally gets the fully body wax and pedicure, but not the nails because he always wears gloves, so what would be the point?

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