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November 29, 2012


Bigfoot real and the result of human women mating with an ‘unknown hominin,’ claims U.S. study

The sluts!

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker and The Perts)


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So they simultaneously mated with two words that are spelled the same but have different meanings?

The unknown hominins have lost 4 Super Bowl, and we're building them a new stadium.

Instead of searching the woods of the Pacific Northwest for Bigfoot, apparently we should have staked out Ladies' Night in the bar next to the trailer park.

This theory does not explain the global distribution of bigfoot sightings. At least not the trailer park-bar theory. In order for bigfeet to be sighted in remote places from Tibet to West Virginia, the unknown hominin would have to be someone who travels widely, is apparently desirable, at least to a subset of the female homo sapiens population, and owns a cool car. What does Manilow drive?

Ummmm...Omni. I think I'd be inclined to dismiss the concept of Manilow being a DNA contributor to those of the female persuasion. NTTIAWWT

Also Unholy Slacker and The Perts WBAGNFARB.

OK, how about Nugent, then?

no, bigfoot lives in an apartment near the OSU campus. he drives a prius.

the uknown hominin would be me, i guess.

So the Prius is a hominin magnet?

Isn't it hard to drive with all those hominins stuck to the outside?


the unknown hominin ... is apparently desirable, at least to a subset of the female homo sapiens population...

Why am I thinking of Madeline Kahn and a running gag from Young Frankenstein?


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