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November 02, 2012


British diplomats paid $16,000 to re-stuff snake

(Thanks to The Perts)


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I hear there's a little blue pill that's a lot cheaper.

Stuff it where?

"snake-stuffer" sounds like an occupation the ONION would use in its opinion profile Voices section.

Take this snake and stuff it,
I ain't diplomating here no more ...

"Essential Maintenance" wbagnf pharmaceuticals ...

National Health didn't cover that ?

They should make the guy that took the original stuffing out pay for it.

stuffed snake sounds like pub food

right mazar -

they could be coiled into a donut shape, or served like little donut asp holes

We're so sorry, Uncle Albert

nevermind I did Wings not too long ago.

You could have stuffed it with BBC sex predators and saved a lot of money, though you might have needed a bigger snake.

Note: It's easier if you're going commando. Just sayin'.

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