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November 28, 2012


Escaped emu coaxed into police car

(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby)


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I saw Escaped Emu open for The Turtles.

The approved method of emu capture is to grab them by the bill; for some reason this supposedly makes them disinclined to disembowel you with their feet.

Was it in the driver's seat of the police car? I assume it had a Florida license.

Pity the poor felon who got cuffed and thrown into the back seat immediately after the emu.

Emu eww.

I was called by the police to advise them on a raccoon acting strangely, maybe rabid.
I advised shooting it but the officer said he'd put it in the back seat of his no-cage cruiser. He'd release it in the country.
I told him he might want to rethink that plan.
He told me later that it was all right until he tried releasing it. Then he began to rethink the plan.

Wow, Steve. I'm sure the officer enjoyed his ten-day series of rabies injections.

Big Bird gone wild?

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