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November 27, 2012


Samsung Galaxy SIII stress-tested using jean-clad robotic buttocks

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker, who saw the Jean-Clad Robotic Buttocks open for Big Audio Dynamite)


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Is the stress tester in any way related to Jean-Claude Van Damme? They both have very robotic acting styles...

So who remembers the Toughskins Robot? (Meet y'all on the geezer bus.)

And, yet, my wife dropped her phone on the floor and it "rode off in all directions".

- then there's the Jean-un-claude buttocks...

Jean-clad buttocks? Ballocks, more like.
-- apologies to Hugh Laurie

talk about a butt-dial...

Sounds like one of those chair seat testers is exhibited in our Ikea here. Just keeps pushin' on the cushion.

There you are. Who says the great band names are all taken ?

Do they have a robot that drops it in the toilet and then swears?

@KJP - I remember.

Microsoft should have used this idea... See if a person losses it if a butt presses into the side of their face while they're trying to figure out Windows 8.

If the subject keeps their cool, do it again, but with a stinky fart!

I wondered why my phone smells like that.

But will it blend?

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