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November 28, 2012


...and then there is disturbing.

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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Someone is getting a big head....

lol i don't do facebook, cindy, but i LIKE it!

Wow. That's just....

Sophie does NOT want her friends to see her Dad behaving this way.


eGAD, did someone get too many giblets in their gravy?

Guess the state.

I have to say, for a white guy, Dave has lots of good rhythm - GOOO DAVE !!
*so funny, Cindy - I laughed my rear end off !*

me too

oh, i cannot WAIT to put my head in that and show it to my kids. they'll be embarrassed even if there's no one else present.

Is this one of those times I should be glad the sound doesn't work on my computer?

Outstanding!! :D Dave, I always knew that our support would give you a swelled head, but this is more than I expected.

If you run it through a translator, it just keeps saying "Kimchi was involved, kimchi was involved ..."

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