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November 30, 2012


It's tomorrow. Lots more info at Andy the Tropic Hunt Guy's site. Come out, go insane.


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I wish I could be there! Maybe next year. Good luck to everyone.

If anyone reading this is thinking of going, do it! It's a great, great time!

I think Dave should know that Andy is getting a big head since his article. He's now demanding that we blog ladies bring him breakfast in bed.

WITH BACON! You forgot it this morning. No wonder I fired you.

See what I mean Dave? Yesterday his eggs were too runny and now he's mad about the bacon. There is just no pleasing him.

If I keep on having to explain how the food needs to be cooked, newspaper ironed, napkin folded, the CORRECT temperature the juice is supposed to be served at, the problem with using 1% milk vs. 2% milk in my coffee...I mean, the list goes ON and ON...let's not even get into the fact that you served it all on a 18 carat tray...when you KNOW you should have used nothing less than 20...

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