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November 07, 2012


A fun day at the races.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who urges Australia to stay classy.)


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Is Camilla wearing one of those plastic horse heads?

Australia just sent message asking all of us in the northern hemisphere to keep it down. They have a hangover.

Gratifying to see appropriate environmental standards are being maintained.

yes, Layzeeboy - & apparently prince charles was 'loaded'...

It would be interesting to ask all attendees who won the race. I suppose the unconscious ones could be excused.

Always nice to see what the upper crust is up to.

(About 2.8%, I'd say)

Betsy, don't you mean 1%? Oh, you meant blood alcohol, not net assets. Never mind.

And by the way, let's not get all polarized here. Just because every single person in those pictures was of European extraction, that doesn't mean ...

Oh, you said "races." Sorry. Misheard you.

That looks like Dave in the photo captioned "Party time! Revellers dance..." On the right. Having fun. Way to go, Dave!

Looks like they had a big party.

Hey, can you blame the guy in the center of the picture for being "gobsmacked"? He probably just came face to face with Camilla.

See if you can tell which one is the horse in this picture.

If the hippy in the charcoal suit takes a deep breath, the suit will explode.

Looks like that guy in the background, a little to the left, is yakking in a blue bucket.
Those Aussies know how to party !!!

But I MUST have had a good time! I can't remember a thing.
Can't wait to miss it again next year.

Sarah Jessica Parker has just let herself go, hasn't she?

"...urges us to stay classy"?!?

That WAS classy. For the Melbourne Cup anyway.

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