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November 08, 2012


TEN-foot alligator surprises father and son in Florida by crawling up to front door

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Somebody forgot to tell it to stop canvassing.

It was his mother in law arriving early for the holiday

Neighborhood watch?

Where's George Zimmerman when you need him?


They said it was restrained? It doesn't look very restrained. It looks obstreperous.

My sympathies are, somewhat, with the 'gator.
Who, here, has never wanted to go back and visit the old family home?

No! Why did they destroy it?

Because they can.

Homo sapiens: two hundred thousand years on top of the food chain! We're number one!

- Because he was inciting fear.

He was an instigator.

Or an inflatogator, another fine product from the just-in whatshisname people.

is it scented omni? then it'd be a fumigator

Handbag and pair of shoes!

See you later

Bad ligirl. Spank yourself.

All I know is I would not want to mess with that woman gator wrangler.

It would seem in Florida, bigger is not necessarily better. Couldn't someone have come to the gator's aid?

Tim Teebow was a big gator and nobody shot him. Just sayin.

Could we send it to Washington?

Hey, Jan - how 'bout a GatorAide Fundraiser?!

*tosses coins into croc pot*

Ligirl. Totally! Canadian change OK?

Ligirl. Har.

Plus also.

This really is odd that one should come to the front door. Alleygators almost always stay off the main streets.

Jehovah Witness gator?

Just take one of its pamphlets and it'll go away.

*snork* @ ligirl

*goes to buy ticket for the Geezer Bus*

"TEN-foot alligator surprises father and son in Florida by crawling up to front door"....

They expected it to walk?

No, they were surprised that it wasn't naked.

It was wearing alligator shoes?

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