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November 29, 2012


Squirrel: It’s what’s for dinner in Romney, W.Va.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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"... where vegetable farmers turn in their hoes for hunting gear ..."

I didn't' know you could do that! Where do I sign up?

I can't believe Mitt didn't campaign there.

Tangy Rabbit Nachos WBAGNFARB

It strikes me that virtually any trap looking vaguely like a bird feeder would catch an unlimited number of squirrels.
Dibs on the idea.

...and the so-called United Nations does nothing.

Anyone have any remote idea as to how many squirrels they'd have to kill to supply a....festival? Unless top-secret West Virginia scientists have turned out an all-new, 800-pound tree squirrel...which creates quite an interesting mental image, especially as they blunder, I mean sail through the trees...

I'm really glad that when we dressed up as squirrels for a book reading by His Deveness that we were in Illinois. Being cooked and put in a gravy would have put a damper on the event.

Romney, WV is one of any number of locations in WV that you can't actually get to (or leave, so you might as well sleep with your cousin) without a local guide. As with those other locations, it's probably only 20 miles "as the crow flies" from a major highway but the driving distance is more like 200 miles. Be sure that you pay that guide only after he/she has returned you to the outside world, especially if you are dressed like a squirrel.

I noticed that the Snarks are alive and whining, in the comments following that story. Merely observin' here ...

I spent one night in Romney at the Koolwink Motel on US 50. That was in June 2000.

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