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November 05, 2012


The professional 'cuddler' who makes $260 a day by inviting strangers to take a nap with her at home

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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A nap, is that what they call it now?

She does look cuddly.

She could make a lot more if she canoodled.

What happened to working at the mall, waitressing, getting a job in the campus bookstore? Would someone please go and test her head.

Well, you can't make $260 a day working at McDonald's.

You can if you take a .357, Guin.

Eventually you'd run out of McDonald's and convenience stores, if you rely on Jeff's method. However, there is no end of suckers customers for the cuddling service.

If you round up to $300, she'll make you a sandwich.
(Oh, my wife is now Cyborg Grandma, according to our grandson. She has a brand new hip.
Everything went well.)

No Dave...actually, it IS creepy

Let me see if I understand this correctly?

She makes 260 a day taking naps????

Hell there's the answer to the employment problem

Somebody tell the government.

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