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November 29, 2012


CALGARY -- The victim of a shooting at the hands of her ex-boyfriend said Wednesday her breast implants saved her from serious harm.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Do they all glow like that, or is that a still from a horror film?

Will the defense claim this case is a bust?

It sort of sounds like, if they hadn't been just out there, he might have missed entirely.
And if I remember my teen years correctly, and I do not, the bra hook is darn near impenetrable. Why can't they make the rest like that?

I want to move to Canada, oh Canada, where the land is milk and honey, and the breast implants are constructed from military-grade Kevlar padding...

That thing reminds me of the eggs from "Jurassic Park".

That's terrible but it's funny.

They might have saved her; then again, could be what got her in trouble to begin with.

This is why you always wear your bullet-proof chest . . .

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