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November 29, 2012


Drunk hockey player was wearing Teletubbie costume

(Thanks to Dan Barr, queensbee and KJP)


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Tinkie Winkie has really gone downhill since the show was cancelled, sort of like ______ (sorry, I haven't checked TMZ yet today)

The video of the player getting out of the car and being frisked is about 2:00 or so.

I saw this one yesterday. I kept hoping the judge would say, "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

In all fairness, I should point out that Grand Rapids is not actually part of Michigan.

The female officer seemed to really enjoy the way the costume felt during the thorough patdown. Maybe she's a Furry?...

@Omniskeptic: Huh?

Dan - In the aftermath of the mitten war between Michigan and Wisconsin, Michigan agreed to a temporary halt in the bombing of cheese mines if Wisconsin would accept sovereignty over the area immediately surrounding Grand Rapids. A few residents were inconvenienced by this change and have begun engaging in resistance acts, while dressed as Teletubbies. Some people believe this is to avoid identification by the cheese police, but most authorities agree they're just nuts.

Ominskeptic - I live in Grand Rapids, and, Black Helicopters notwithstanding, the Cheese Police are docile and somewhat slow-witted, much like Metro Detroit residents. Must be the combination of excessive alcohol and saturated fats. Viva the True Mitten.

Next time, he should get a bigger size. As my Mum used to say,"That only fits where it touches".

He ID'd himself as Brendan Smith? Speaking as (probably) the only Blogit who has personally seen Brendan Smith play (3 years at UW), this guy WISHES he was Brendan Smith. Plus, Brendan's TeleTubby costume is yellow.

Thanks for the update, Pad. I haven't seen Badger hockey since it was played in the Hart-Meyer arena.

The comment about mitten wars was the product of a deranged mind. The people responsible have been sacked. In reality, Grand Rapids remains a part of the State of Michigan, despite efforts to expel it for "not fitting in," as Governor Snyder put it recently. "Grand Rapids," he said, "is consistently out of step with the rest of the state in terms of random violence, poverty, urban desolation -- it doesn't have anything like enough of those things, and frankly, it's just too damn nice. It's making the rest of us look bad!"

So ... no firm ID of which hockey program for which the alleged perpetrator skates ... either way, Badgers or Wolverines, this would seem to be yet another shinin' example of the Classiness in Big 10 Hockey ... merely sayin' ...

(And, to be fair, UNDFSH has had sumwhut similar incidents occur frum time to time ... I recall certain "festive hijinks" @ the Frozen Four in Duluth, in '68 ... best fergotten, IYKWIM ...)

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