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November 01, 2012


Do not click here.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Dog? Gone!

Also: Ow!

He was havin' a ball.

Blog guys, Dave wasn't kidding about not clicking on that link. Ouch!

Those rappers are out of control.....

In the first sentence they report -"pitbull .... bit off the owner's testicle". 2 lines later they tell us that, surprisingly enough, "The man...was taken to hospital with serious injuries".

When is having a testicle bit off NOT a serious injury? Those Canadians must be tough. "Never mind, I'll walk it off, eh".

Animal control has seized a pitbull ...'

do we really need a map?

What they don't tell you is what music the guy was playing on his iPod. I'm guessing Ted Nugent.

Was it his pitbull or a testicle-munching pitbull that was just passing by. And were trailer houses involved?

Hey, I was driving up Avenue Road (sorry, that's its name) around 5:30 and I didn't notice any man walking around without pants. Course it was raining pretty hard at the time...

So much for that "man's best friend" theory.

ow. that is all. and i'm a goil. one mean doggie.

I wonder if the owner will welcome the dog back home.

@JD - yes, but in a higher pitched voice.

I suspect he was singing this tune before his voice suddenly jumped several octaves.

He wanted a Pit Bull because that was a REAL man's dog.
Of course, he was only half right.

Good golly Miss Molly
Dog sure likes to ball.

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