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November 30, 2012


A Minnesota woman said the funeral for her late boyfriend will involve pizza and watching the Minnesota Vikings take on the Green Bay Packers.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Will his burial be part of the halftime show?

Well, if he's a Viking fan, they'll be putting him on his longship and setting it on fire.

Hope they're not counting on a sympathy win...

I thought the same, Ronald. How cool would that be?

I like that a lot. I am donating whatever is left of me to Harvard Medical School for them to use as a cadaver, so my kids absolutely cannot have a funeral. Maybe they could invite everyone to the horse races or something instead.

Shame he wasn't a Cowboys fan. Because they are already dead.

The game will put all the Vikings fans in a crying mood before the funeral even begins.

I set up my fathers Dj equipment at his funeral and Played "Lord it's Hard to be Humble" . he would have loved it.

This is the way funerals should be. I hope to have AC/DC and Metallica music playing at my funeral.

My dad had wanted a new barn for years. He finally got one built and died a few months later. So we had the funeral in the barn. It was perfect. He was not a church-going man, so to have had it in a church would have been so wrong. It's been 18 years and I still feel we did the best thing for him.

I've told my wife there had better be jokes and laughter at mine or I'm not going.
She's taken the threat seriously, which sort of goes against the spirit of the thing.

I had my first choice for scattering my ashes made illegal by the city of Chicago. My oldest figured out a loophole.

As long as "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" is sung by those gathered, it can be at church. Spit version.

Now I want pizza and it will probably kill me.

I hope she's ready to see Aaron Rodgers piss on his grave, metaphorically of course.

Mead and lutfisk for everyone!

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