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November 04, 2012


A group of “light warriors” buried what may be hundreds of small muffinlike resin objects, embedded with aluminum foil and quartz crystals, at Serpent Mound with the intent of realigning the energy of the ancient Native American site in Peebles.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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" Turn on, tune in and bury small muffinlike objects. "

Morons. Idiots. Vandals. Huns. I wish archaeologists were more bloody-minded. It might deter people like this if a few of 'em ended up stuffed, in a museum somewhere.

Now, now, Mr. Skeptic, have you taken your nice pills this morning? Put down the tomahawk and let's talk.

Let's not get carried away. The Serpent Mound is entirely reconstructed, based on 1850's survey by Squire and Davis, and subsidised by a dedicated group in (I think) Massachusetts. It had been a ploughed field in the interim. Could probably use some rejuvenation... Having said that, it's really spectacular. I've been there many times and never saw another human visiting it.

"That's not a well. It's the Eye of the Holy Serpent Mound, on which your standing."
"It's a beaut'!"
"No, it's a mound."
"And right purty, too! er- can ya' move it?"

Temporarily Humboldt County

Frustrated Archaeologist: "Damn them! Stupid crystal twinkies! Damn them all to hell!"
Omni: "To which hell do you refer? Tartarus? Hades? Sheol? It might interest you to know - at least I certainly find it fascinating - that AARRGGHH!!!!!"

(The last bit as the result of being bonked on the head with a rather large professional grade trowel by the Frustrated Archaeologist)

Does "realignment" mean they are going to straighten out the snake?

For Heaven's sake I hope they used Alcoa. The Reynolds foil isn't as effective at preventing the Gov'ment from reading my brain waves. Don't even get me started on the Kroger brand. Gotta go re-line my hat....

Why does it always have to be serpents and aluminum foil?

I saw Serpent Mound open for the Allman Brothers.

Are orgonites related to oregonians?

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