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November 29, 2012


Really bad Christmas decorations.


(Thanks to marko)

Related Item: Police force woman to take down middle-finger Christmas lights she set up as message to her neighbors

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and DaninTustin)


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In questionable taste? Nonsense!

Reminds me of Roseanne's Redneck Christmas.

If only they had links to some of the options. It's time to make the handbasket for festive.

Anyway, as my wife pointed out shouldn't these be Easter lawn decorations rather than Christmas?

*searches for handbasket*

There really should be a beer nativity set. Lagers for wise men, a small light beer for baby Jesus, etc.

The sausage, bacon, and sauerkraut one makes me hungry. Is it lunch time yet ?

It seems that every neighborhood has THAT family; the ones who celebrate every holiday, including those from fictional religions.
We now have a family with an ancient 10-foot satellite dish that is kept in place solely to frame a Santa Claus smiley face every year for Christmas.

I absolutely LOVE the Ken-doll Jesus. He even looks faintly Middle Eastern with that tan. Must be Malibu Ken Jesus.

I love the one with the "Cheeses."

The top GIF looks like one of the 'lords a leaping' is whipping one of the 'maids a milking'.

The list just got longer.

then there is this site, on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=pd_sl_549anudfsp_e?rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Acheeses+of+nazareth&keywords=cheeses+of+nazareth&ie=UTF8&psrk=cheeses+of+nazareth

get the handbasket....

I kind of like that Way of the Cross display. For Lent, maybe. But not for Advent/Christmas. That's just goofy.

Handbasket is being decorate.

Will be there soon. Gotta get more tinsel.

Correction, correction, correction!!

Handbasket is being decorated!

Mikey? Can you not use the purple or blue tinsel, 'cause it just looks downright tacky. Just stick to the white, green and red kind. Okey dokey?

I lollered @ the 'Tater chips/shepherd's pie/Sloppy Joe one ... yeah, I planned on drivin' the Handbasket Bus, as soon as I finish the Geezer Bus route ... why do y'all hafta ask?

we gonna need a bigger handbasket......

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