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November 24, 2012


Andy is the man.


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Andy this year you'll win. I'm so sure of it I'd bet 1/16 th of everything I own!

I always thought that it would be fun to do that Herald Hunt at least once,

My first minor connection with Dave was during the wrap-up, I believe, for the first Hunt. I asked him if we could have a west coast version, and he replied with a question asking "How many white Broncos could a person spot being chased down the freeway by the LAPD?"

So, all these years later, OJ is still in jail, and I'm still waiting for the Hunt to move west.

But I'm betting that OJ gets better cell coverage.....

Go, USC! Beat "that team which cannot be named!"

I'm a man?! You mean I'm going to STAY this gender?!

Piratebay, may I remind you that USC named their team after a condom company and an army that lost to a horse?

Andy is, indeed, the man!

Will there be a DC Hunt this year?

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