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November 02, 2012


This is outside of Miami City Hall, next to Biscayne Bay. The end of the line is in the distance.



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If you're lucky, maybe you're mistaken & there's a keg at the other end...

It's the same way here. I've tried to vote but the lines are just too long. Hopefully this will mean the lines on election day are shorter.

A keg at the end of the line hubby and I spent an hour or so in on Monday would have been nice.

*was expecting to see beatles crossing*

our gas lines on LI are longer

But, but ... no one in the picture is naked?!?

Vote early; vote often.

Are you sure that's the line for early voting or the line of zombies?

We see no snakes, lizards or gunmen. This photo is a hoax.

Did mine last week. I am FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Clankie, I didn't know you were from wunnerful Chicaguh!

One of the original Mayor Daley's ward bosses* was appointed as the city sewer commissioner. One reporter had the nerve to ask him if he knew anything about sewers and he said, "Sure, I lift a lid once in a while and make sure they're flowin' ok."

If you have not voted yet, use your sample ballot to make your decisions before going to the voting place. By making your decisions ahead of time, you will reduce the time that you spend in the voting place. That will help other people to vote.

While waiting in line, encourage others to do the same.

Padraig, you still have to listen to the ^%*^$*^ news and ads for a few days more.

I'd like to point out that I am not the "Steve" posted above.
But-what he said.

Not a problem.

Funny but I haven't had any problems like this here. Of course this may be because New York doesn't have early voting...

What Steve (both of them) said. One reason the lines in Florida are so long, other than the usual Florida stereotypes, is that there are 12 proposed Amendments to the Florida Constitution on the ballot. Amendment 4 has 679 words; Amendment 5 has 587 words.

You know I really think that you guys are somehow doing it wrong. My wife and I vote every election, no line-up, we simply walk into the polling station and vote. And we are in a major urban centre. Perhaps you need more polling stations.

This was not meant to be funny...just a comment.

Oh...I should mention that I'm talking about elections in Canada...

Can the blog come vote with you Afkat?

" Old and fat and gray and wrinkled,
the girl from Biscayne Bay came walking,
and when she passes,
each one she passes
says " Oy ! ".... "

I don't know about the sheer mechanics of voting, but I have no doubt we're doing it wrong. In support of that thesis, just look at the candidates and proposals we have to vote on.

I voted early because my wife is having her hip replaced (Bionic Grandma!) on Monday in Kentucky.
It was very easy and the office in St. Augustine was as helpful as they could be. No line at all.

"If God wanted us to vote, he would have given us real candidates."

*snork* at Ralph. I haven't voted since Nixon and I'm proud of it. Do not get me started on what a farce this is.

OMG Ernie, that's a lotta Chads to hang! (sorry, couldn't resist)

I having trouble spotting the voters who are too busy or important looking to go to the polls on the appointed day.

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