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November 28, 2012


Pot institute formed at Humboldt State University

(Thanks to Ralph)


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taught some of us the metric system

or so i've heard

I thought Humboldt State already was a pot institute.

We would tell you what we called it but we forgot.

Got any aluminum?

Humboldt State is located in Arcata, CA, a beautiful little town of 16,000 (when students are here). It's located on the North Coast of CA about 2 hours south of Oregon. It's on the ocean, the home of Redwood National Park. It's clean, the people are friendly and very close knit. I have lived here since 1977, and there is no other place I'd rather live. The marijuana industry has gotten out of hand here. Small family plots of a few plants have turned into multi-million dollar industries guarded by Mexican Nationals with automatic weapons. Grow houses are in every neighborhood. Stores supplying the materials for hydroponic growing are everywhere. People will rent a house, cut holes into walls and floors to run wiring, never live there, destroy the house, overload the electrical service to the place, which often results in fires, and yet get the electricity at a reduced rate because they can claim low measurable income. Because the area has been over-logged and over-fished, and is remote due to the geography of the area, the dope industry contributes a huge amount of money to the local economy, and if it would go away, the county would be in serious financial trouble. Yet, there are very many of us who live here because we love the area and its people, and who aren't happy about this notoriety. I've been told by administrators and teachers at HSU that they have a hard time recruiting students because of the reputation of Humboldt County. Now, they are going to have this "Institute", furthering the idea that this is the place to go to grow, buy, sell, and smoke dope. I don't like it.

Matt - Perhaps the tsunami will eventually take care of the problem in "downtown" Arcata?

Nothing wrong with HSU. I visit any time the sun is shining. But I'm not always so sure I can get that annual half-day off from work....

Don't bogart that thesis, my friend, pass it over to me?

Oh, thanks. What's this?

Dave used to post entries from the Arcata Eye police log . Whatever happened to those? Why does Flathead County get to hog the spotlight?

I mean, isn't a lurking poop monster bloglit material?

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