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November 30, 2012


Help Scientists by Sending Them a Stool Sample

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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Will doo!

Can we doo this to the IRS too?

As a scientist, I can say, yes, do this. Send it. To any scientist you know. We ALL need this.

I like one of their most popular articles "New Theory on why Men Like Breasts". I think I'd hitch my wagon to that study instead of the stool one. I have my own theories.....

Should it be delivered via stool pigeon?

Bar stool or counter stool...?

In a brown paper bag, on their porch, on fire, at 3:00 AM? Ring the bell and run away?

at first, i was going to poo-pooh it, but then i thought it was dooable.

Will Doooooooo.

One hasta PAY $99 to send 'em stuff so they can justify a GRANT (or other Gummint-type funding) ... merely so they don't hafta get a real doctor-type job!?!?!?!?!?

That's a perty crappy deal!

Everything Comes Down to Poo

What if they haven't paid their union Doos?

I like Omniskeptic's idea. I'll bring the matches.


I'm doing parallel research on how many doo-doo's will send me $100 instead of poo.

So send your $100 ($99 if you like) to:
Doo-doo Research
101 Butt Drive
Backend City, Ny

after Friday's happy hour I'll send them a bar stool

I would just send them some used underwear. All kinds of samples there.

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