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November 02, 2012


Auto Socks.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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First? (As in "winter") ... I remember seein' this type of dealie years ago (usin' a different name, of course) ... din't seem to werk then, either ... I tried 'em, and they din't last long enuf to get me outta even one snowdrift ... merely sayin' ... tho I s'pose the "new, improved" version has "space age fibers" or sum other feature that will let the marketers pretend these are "new" ... or "gnu" ...

Huh? Socks make you slide better across a slippery floor. Or else.

If Mr. Barnum is too busy to demonstrate, see Mr. Bailey.

Yeah, I saw a Consumer Reports kinda thing trying to answer the question "Do these silly things actually work?" and the basic answer was, "Ehhhh, not so much."

But wait, there's more...

Color-wise, do the auto socks have to match your (fan) belt?

I've seen snow.
Didn't care for it.

I prefer manual socks; they're a lot cheaper and don't accidentally accelerate my feet.

What are these "chains" of which you speak?

They gonna put y'all back in 'em.

Trouble with these things is that you always lose one in the wash.

You still have to put these things on in foul weather -- unless you have a sock monkey to do it for you.

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