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November 11, 2012


Helen Flanagan would eat kangaroo anus

Related Not-Creepy-at-All! item here.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Is the young lady commenting on some idea the producers have had? Or making suggestions?
And, as for the second link, NO. Just NO.

I'm not even clicking on that second link. No way, no how!

"It will be good for people to see the real me."

Oh, no, no. I don't think so, really. Especially if she has that look in her eyes all the time. Depression is not what I'd call it.

And if you haven't already, do NOT click that second link. Lord!

The worldwide zombie apocalypse will begin in Japan.


I saw Kangaroo Anus open for Boxcar Willie.

What's wrong with a nice piece of ass?

Ralph, that's even worse than the link in the original post.

*must purify brain with significant electrical charge*

never heard of her - another celebrity wallawannabe?

Nice cleavage, though, whoever she is.

As for the second story, no sh!t?

Are we back to talking about that planet again ?


She's a pretty gal.

I've never heard of her.

Seriously off-topic here, but I have a report for the women of the blog. Last night, we were having our usual Sunday Japanese restaurant dinner, next to a large table of people who were somewhat out of the norm, appearance-wise, for the place. The party included an older gentleman who was a dead ringer for Civil War General Leonidas Polk with a shaved head. When they stood up to leave: Kilt!

We are not really a kilt-wearing community, even with our rather Hibernian climate, so this was unusual.

I know you'd want to know.

what up with all these a$$h*les in this thread today, huh?

Things not to Google: Leonidas Polk with a shaved head, wearing a kilt.


They were kilt in a Japanese restaurant! Was it the food?

You're thinking of "murdert," not "kilt."

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