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October 28, 2012


Firefighters came to the rescue after a squirrel burying his nuts managed to get his head stuck in a manhole cover.


(Thanks to David Shelton)


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Looks more like a rat to me, but I suppose the Feuerwehrmann knows whereof er spricht.

Great they catch a squirrel pervert in the act and they just let him go.

I wonder if the squirrel was thinking, "I hope this picture doesn't get posted on Dave's blog"?

And now, the rest of the story. When one of the firemen noticed the squirrel was the same one in the wanted poster for chewing through the wire that started the fire that burned down their favorite after work watering hole, the firemen dropped the manhole cover on the unsuspecting furry tailed rat.

I hope those firemen get a nice thank-you note from the Emperor of All the Squirrels.

And we thought this was the new and improved Squirrelizer.

If he was burying his nuts, why was his head stuck?

No, wait...

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