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October 31, 2012


But you need to be aware of it.

(Thanks to Jen Picciano)


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Well, you can just take it and park it somewhere else, Mr. Disney.

Whose year's?

The link no longer works, but that's OK, AAN thinks David Gill doesn't work either.


yick. ham would be better.

With their purchase of LucasFilms, will we soon have the Anakin leg air freshener?
'Bring home the freshly roasted Sith apprentice leg scent of a favorite Disney character!'

I have a few vegan friends for whom this would be perfect.

How about a Jar-Jar Binks air freshener Jon ? It frehens the air and annoys you at the same time.

Gee, mom, a DisneyWars (tm) Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru fried leg air freshener! You're the best!

(In other words - a Mickey-Mouse gift)

Well, now we know what they did with all the "Plastic Pluto Dog Turds" they couldn't sell last year.

Must be a souvenir from the new John Carter movie attraction.

I've actually SEEN this at Disneyland!! I thought it was weird. Also that I don't think of Disney and a turkey leg together. I guess they do sell them now, but certainly not always. I'm more likely to associate the county fair with a turkey leg. I did not try to smell it, but now wish I had!

I want one. IF it really smells like turkey.
Turkey Day, not "Thanksgiving", is the second holiest day of the year.
If there's good gravy, it's first.

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